JASSO Scholarship For Developing Countries 2013 For Short Course In JAPAN

JASSO Scholarship for Developing Countries 2013

JASSO means, Japan Student Services Organization

This scholarship is a short-term study, mainly to study abroad while still enrolled at a university in your home country on the basis of exchange agreements between universities.

The goal is not necessarily to get a degree, but the acquisition of a foreign language, experience a foreign culture or study at a university, carry out a research work in a well equipped laboratory, etc. in a foreign country or region.

The student receives an education for a semester or more semesters in a school year, the acquisition of credits or receiving research directions.

Many Japanese universities accept students in short-term exchange.

JASSO International Student Scholarship for short-term study in Japan offers scholarships to qualified international students accepted by Japanese universities on the basis of student exchange agreements, etc. on a short-term between three months and year.

Eligibility of applicants for the Scholarship for Developing Countries 2013

The applicant must meet the following conditions:

1. MUST possess the nationality of countries having diplomatic relations with Japan.
2. Not nationals of Japan.

Amount of Scholarship in Japan

Monthly allowance: ¥ 80,000 per month will be given to scholarship candidates success.

Follow the links below for more details and contacts application for the Scholarship for Developing Countries 2013

Visit the Scholarship Website for more information:

JASSO Scholarship For Developing Countries 2013 For Short Course In JAPAN

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  1. Dear,
    How are you? My name is Erick H.Mhando. I’m 27 years old, I live in a Tanzanian city of Morogoro Region. I work in a private institution called Sustainable Holistic Development – SUHODE as a Field Extension Officer, I dealt with environmental protection in the Uluguru mountains which is among of eastern arc mountains. Am taking this opportunity for my request of scholarship given short courses, where I have chosen to study Adaptive Natural resource management in Netherlands at the Wageningen UR.I have tried apply for scholarship from Netherlands Fellowship Program but I have not had the chance to get it. Am taking this opportunity to ask you to be merciful unto me if it’s possible so I can get a chance to study the courses that are expected to start in October of this year
    with Regards

    • NGScholars says:

      Please, click the appropriate links in the article to navigate to the scholarship website and apply there.

  2. wayilinda Phiri says:

    Dear sir/Madam
    am a male Zambian aged 34 and currently working for the Ministry of information and Broadcating under the Department of Zambian News information services(ZANIS) as an information officer for Namwala District of Zambia. i have a diploma in journalism and a Degree in law LLB. i would like to have a short training this year on video production, which is fully sponsored for to enhance my journalism skills were am more specialised in print media

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