LAUTECH Post UTME Past Questions And Answers – UTME English 2006

LAUTECH Post UTME Past Questions And Answers are meant to prepare you for the forthcoming 2013 Post UTME Screening exercise. We reported to you when LAUTECH 2013 Post UTME Form came out as well as gave you report on LAUTECH 2013 Cut Off Mark For 2013/2014 Admission. If you have read this and have carried out the registration steps, then you need to start preparing for the Post UTME Screening. To do this, this 2006 English LAUTECH Post UTME Past Questions And Answers will help.

LAUTECH Post UTME Past Questions

LAUTECH Post UTME Past Questions And Answers – UTME English 2006

Read this passage
Over the years, time series forecasting has been existence to make timely decision in the face of uncertainty about the future.
The making of forecast is an essential what aspect of our life. Basically, all the of forecasting work or the premise that if we can predict that the future will be like we can modify our behaviors or the behavior of the system for better position.

1. From the passage. We gather that forecasting is
(a) new science [b) an old science (c) an unknown science [d) a future science

2. Forecasting become necessary because of
(a) the need to make timely decisions (b) its importance to our life (c) unpredictability of man’s nature (d) fear of unknown

3. The expression, “over the years” in the passage above is an example of
(a) Adjectival phrase (b) adjectival clause (c) noun phrase (d) adverbial phrase

4. According to the passage, if forecasting helps to deal with an uncertainty future, it can the best be describes as
(a) an intervention science (b) a preventive science (c) a corrective science (d) a dialogist science

5. The under listed expression in the passage is grammatically known as
(a) noun clause (b) prepositional phrase (c) conditional clause (d) adjectival clause

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow

A green desire perfumed memories, a leafy longing by my under feet to this forest to a thousand wonders.
A green desires for this petalled umbrella of simple star-sand compound suns. Suddenly, so the sky is free high.

6. The scenario the passage above suggest
(a) a busy street (b) an unfolding tragedy (c) an agrarian environment (d) a school set-up

7. The last line of the text hits at
(a) a raging storm (b) an impending rain (c) a very tall tree (d) a thunderous cloud

8. The expression, “petalled umbrella in the passage means
(a) High colored canopies (b) dense forest foliage (c) a kingly umbrella (d) a nice-looking cap.

9. According to the passage, the writer finds himself at the scene be described out of
(a) curiosity (b) compulsion (c) feeling (d) memory

10. An appropriate title for this passage
(a) celebration (b) memories (c) forest tunes (d)Nature’s echoes

Choose the right option that best completes each of the following:

11. He didn’t know anything about business, so starting his own was
(a) a leap into the cloud (b) a leap in the dark (c) a leap into the ocean.

12. I like the way he criticizes everybody. It really rattles
(a) my back (b) my bones (c)my heart (d) my cage

13. When her business crashes. She had to pick up and start ________again
(a) the fragment (b)the losses (c) the pieces (d) the stones.

14. She felt really bad when she realized that she had lost her watch. It wasn’t expensive but it had sentimental
(a) value (b) price (c) cost(c)expense

15. I used to go to church under false ___________ never wanted to go but my mother made me.
(a)agreement(b) feeling (c) pretences (d) facade

Choose the option opposite meaning to word or phrase in italics in question 16-20

16. The university senate building is rather gigantic
(a) roomy (b) small (c) huge (d) thin

17. Mama Tolu has really become quite chubby
(a) Insomnia (b) stubborn (c) thin (d) round

18. She deliberately killed the goat
(a) carelessly (b) mercilessly(c)brutally(d)unintentional

19. The former president of the association received a derogatory remark from the member (a) receive standing ovation
(b) received public opprobrium (c) received encomium (d) received bitter Ruth

20. Adebomi was dismissed from dereliction of duty
(a) insubordinate (b) irresponsibility(c) laziness (d) negligence

In each of question 21-24. Choose the same consonant sound as the one represented by the letter underlined.

21. Throb (a) Those (b) These (c) Thousand (d)This
22. Judges (a) crush (b) crunchy (c) garage(d) gasp
23. Quay (a) key (b) Queen (c) Try (d) pry
24. Unique (a) church (b) Arch (c) Architect (d)charade

In question 25 below choose the option that is nearest in meaning to the underlined word or phrase

25. The idea expressed by the chairman of the party is Make believe
(a)The idea is good(b)the idea is impressive(c) the idea is well-conceived

1.B 2.D 3.C 4.C 5. 6.C 7.C 8.B 9.D 10.D 11.C 12.B 13.C 14.A 15.C 16.B 17.C 18.D 19.C 20.A 21.C 22.C 23.A 24.C 25.C

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