National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN’s Tuition (2013 School Fees)

This is the breakdown of National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN’s Tuition (NOUN 2013 School Fees). This post is borne out of requests from our readers wanting to know thw school fees of National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) for 2013 session. We started getting this request when we made the post about DE admission into NOUN for the 2013 academic session.

UPDATE: NOUN School Fees Schedule 2014 (Current Tuition Fees)

NOUN School Fees Schedule, (NOUN) Course Materials Download, NOUN Programmes, NOUN 2013 School Fees Schedule

Here is a full breakdown of NOUN tuition :


5 I.D. CARD #500.00
6 LIBRARY FEES #3,000.00

TOTAL #22,500.00  


2. LIBRARY FEES #3,000.00

TOTAL #15,500.00


TOTAL #8,000.00

Will be paid by all undergraduate students at year of graduation


5 I.D. CARD 500.00 5 I.D. CARD
6 LIBRARY FEES 3,000.00 6

TOTAL #22,500.00  


2. LIBRARY FEES 3,000.00

TOTAL #15,500.00

RESULT VERIFICATION NOTE: FEES 10,000.00 Will be paid by all postgraduate students at year of graduation


3 Course Material (Where applicable) per course #10,000.00
4 Laboratory Access Fee (Where applicable) per session #20,000.00
5 Library fee per session #10,000.00
6 Examination fee (Where applicable) per course #3,000.00
7 Resit Examination fee per course (Where applicable) #4,000.00
8 I.D. CARD #2,500.00

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  1. adenuga tola says:

    how is d tuition at noun paid,do students pay every semester or section.pls help me break it down

  2. adedoyin tunde says:

    But how sure about the tuition fee Cox am having a broda that want to apply 4 accounting….#22,500 per session?

    • NGScholars says:

      You can download the Payment Schedule for NOUN Students from their official website. Find the download link below:
      National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) Students’ Payment Schedule for 2013

  3. please what is the tuition fee apart from other fees for accounting?

  4. Ola Taomu says:

    In addition to #15,500 for returning undergraduate students, is there any other fees, such as course registration fee per course and exam registration fee per course?

  5. mansurat Amuda-kannike says:

    plz how do i check my e-wallet on NOUN website,i need a glimpse

    • NGScholars says:

      Use the following link to see how to check:

      National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) e-Wallet : Adding Funds

  6. oguntade bukola says:

    pls,how much is d tuition fee for fresh student who wants to study banking nd finance?

  7. Iwumune Chika says:

    Please what is the procedure to apply for MSC programme in National Open University and what Magt courses are offerred at MSC level?

  8. john robert says:

    please when are you going to have a center for studies here in badagry it will really help a lot of us that reside in badagry Lagos nigeria

  9. Kindly assist here, i registered this year for direct entry in 200level. So in my first semester, i combined both the compulsory courses of first and second semester together, did them in my first now that its suppose to my second semester, i only have elective course but i wish to change my level now to 3 level since i don’t have compulsory courses to write here again but right now i can’t change my level to 300 because the level section is not highlighted. Please what do i do now, kindly needs your advice so that i can register for TMA.
    Thank you.

  10. do noun offer part time course , how mush is computer science and how will i use to get the form

  11. Please how do i get the date for matric?

  12. The amount stated above for the tution fee is it for all the courses?

  13. Hv bn offered admission but i want to ask dat can i starr wit dem next semester cos dey r writing deir text now n next month is deir exam

  14. akin. oluwamuyiwa says:

    When would The postgraduate form be on sale?

  15. please I will like to know if I can still register for post graduate diploma?? when will the form be out? thanks

  16. 1.How many years is noun Msc programme?
    2. Can i change my course to any other course at level

  17. please what masters courses are available

  18. femi fizzy says:

    I just got the info about the courses available for masters. I’l like toknow when this new session will begin for masters

    • NGScholars says:

      I think the following article should answer your question. Just click on the link.

      National Open University (NOUN) 2013 Admission Application

  19. please what is their mode of teaching, is it online from your PC or do you need to go to the study centre for lectures?

    • NGScholars says:

      It is called an Open University because you can choose your own style. You can just get the course materials and not attend any study centers. You can also choose otherwise. It’s best to go to one of NOUN’s centers for better explanation.

  20. adeyinka babs says:

    What is the duration ( in years and semesters) for masters program?
    Is there no entry exam?
    when will the program kick off?

  21. I ave done all the necessary things,i ave bought my form and ave been giving admission letter so the only thing remaining for me is to go and submit my credentials in my centre but my work won’t allow me so pls is dia any other way I can pay my fees without going to my centre

    • The only way we know now is to contact the Study centre nearest to you. We shall keep you informed if we get to find out about another method of fees payment.


    what is the per annum fees for masters’ student.

  23. fadamiro idowu adekunle says:

    Weldon over the the admin i just wish to confirm maybe the whole of the money can be paid at the end of the course, and any other modernity of payment including the banks to be paid. meanwhile, am from ekiti state, Nigeria. thanks

  24. ok

  25. winner Dolald says:

    Pls I saw almost 70,000 as d total amount am to pay including the registration of my course and am so confused. Pls can u give me d break down I have only paid the 22,500 basic. Tank u

  26. Pls, how many semester in a year

  27. can hnd holder apply

  28. I have NCE, what level of admission will be given to me if i apply with my NCE

  29. I would like to get the list, names and location of the study center for nearness.

  30. Goodday,can I use my o’ levels result without jamb result?

  31. Goodmorning. I wish to know if NOUN offers Economics, because I want to apply soon?

  32. Yes

  33. Hello,i just want to know if it’s possible to do the online regisration and print the admission letter imediately.Thank you

  34. i just heard abt dis sch nd i dnt really knw if i can also change institution my UTME score is 162

  35. i just heard abt dis sch nd i dnt really knw if i can also change institution my UTME score is 162.And also i wnt to knw the study center dat’ll be closer to me,i live around iyana iba ojo

  36. please, I heard someone say the fee is 65k, ow true? also, I also heard fees is paid per semester, higher institutions aint run like that. pls

  37. Olumuyiwa Ilesanmi says:

    The graduating students do they use to go for service, i mean NYSC?

    • You might want to read the article below:

      National Open University, NOUN Graduates To Partake In NYSC Scheme – VC Declares

  38. Plz I will love to know if noun offer any science them plzzz

    • Agricultural Extension Management
      Communication Technology
      Computer Science
      Data Management
      Environmental Science & Resource Management
      Community Health.Bsc. Computer and Mathematics (Combined Hons)
      Physics and Computer Science
      Community Health

      You can check it out @

    • abioye dare says:

      can someone gain addmissioon without using jamb and do noun partake in NYSC scheme

  39. Is tuition paid every semester and how many years will an undergraduate mass communication program take? also how do we get study materials and books?

  40. Aghaeze Augustine says:

    Pls i want to know if nursing is offer at NOUN

  41. When will course registration for the new session end

  42. Hey! Check and for details about the school & her programmes. The fees stated above are for school registration; you’re expected to pay additional fees for each course registration & examination. All odd semesters attracts semester reg of #2500.

  43. is the post graduate form still out and how can I apply????

    • NOUN run their affairs in a different ways when compared to conventional Universities. Please, contact the nearest study center for enquiries.

  44. pls where is the study centre in abuja.

  45. oguntade bukola says:

    pls how much is d tution fee for part-time student who wants to study banking nd finance…tanks!

  46. Is your addmission stinn on?

  47. pls tell me something abt if I want to be an ambassador of Nigeria in another country pls what do I study and is it also at noun university

  48. Fred Rick says:

    Would NOUN Accept me cos i had the following waec grades
    english , Government, Econs Commerce — Credit

    Maths D7 Pass
    Biology AgricScience Credit

    would they accept me and if yes which course are they gonna offer me.

  49. Please, can I know the actual fees for computer science, I mean fresher. Cos the amount I heard from my friend is quiet difference from what I saw here.

    • NGScholars says:

      Please, what amount did you hear? Is your friend a student of that school. This is exactly the publication made by NOUN. We wouldn’t know if they have made changes to that without public notice.

  50. John Felix says:

    is there any course that NOUN offers that does not requires credit in English Language and graduated successfully?

  51. OmoGboLaHan says:

    Plz. Will we b going 2 our center 2 receive lecture everyday or by pc

  52. bukola ayobami says:

    pls how much is d fee for bankin nd finance for PT student(ND programme)

  53. can you admit me into 300 level computer science with HND electrical engineering

  54. Pls, i was addmited since 2009, but its unfortunate i left for many years due to some issue i had,. Now i came back to start again from were i stoped, i met my councilor Mr Adeyinka, and he told me to check my potal fisrt and see what’s there, then i shall know the next step,. That have done , i found out my potal was blocked until i paid the composary fee. i paid; and later have access to my potal,. And i paid another N16,000. But i don’t register yet, thinking of doing that next semenster,. i just want to kno if am doing the right thing? Thanks

  55. benequenn nedin says:

    pls,i want 2 register, do noun offer theater art or music?.

  56. Hi, I will like to know if its possible for me to do my masters program directly without doing PGD. Qualifications:HND ACCOUNTANCY 3.50 (DISTINCTION) THANK YOU .

  57. Am an HND mechanical engr graduate with upper credit pls will I be granted admission into in information technology.sir pls I need urgent reply.08130795771

  58. I have bought the form, filled it and i have been given admission but am still confused about the fees. The tuition of 22,500 is it per semester or per session? and i also hear fee about course registration and exam registration, how much is it and is the fee per semester or per session?please a reply is needed ASAP.

  59. Pls. hw do i get course materials. pls tell me evrythng and i wll follow it

  60. akindeji olawale says:

    Good idea

  61. Pls,is noun form still out

  62. sharon usiobaifo says:

    can i use awaiting result, i mean waec? and if so, can i become a nurse in any of the hospital if i should study community health. better still what is this community health?

  63. Chioma nwafor says:

    Pls. I am yet to finish my ND from kadpoly but dis is my last exam coming up….so can i apply for any course with awiting result without doing my Industrail training for one whole year and do they transfer if the need arises? Reply

  64. pls,is d form for ND still on sales.and how much is d tution fee for bankin nd finance?

  65. pls is d ND form still on sales.and i want to knw how much is d tution fee for bankin nd finance for fresher…tanks!

  66. please, are u still accepting undergraduate for this year semester? b/c I already have pin but don’t know what to do wit it after I had dat u hav close de site

  67. pls i want to know if the undergraduate form is still on sales.and i want to know if NOUN offers international relations,tanks!

  68. please i want to know if noun admissions form is still on sale?

  69. is there direct entry for political science

  70. pls does it means dat de payment of school fees per sesson is per year

  71. chris abigail says:

    plz i want to know about all d courses being studied in Noun….and where do i get the form?

  72. chris abigail says:

    how many years are the courses?do they go on strike,am 17 and i want to know if my age is ripe for NOUN…TNKS

  73. tony sunday says:

    i want to know if the admission is still on. i wants to buy the form.

  74. favour adaeze joseph says:

    pls, i want to know the tuition fee for banking and finance and also business administration

  75. That post is no longer valid. Some of the fees have changed. Like the Jamb regularization fee, it is no longer paid at graduation. It is paid during registration, and is now 6,000.

  76. Kenny Oguns says:

    What is the cut off mark of noun?

  77. I hate noun, they eat all my money, till i could not feed my self, they are after your money, they dont have lecturers, you will continue to pay till you run away from the school………… pleas you guys should return my money oh

  78. Please does National open university of Nigeria
    go for youth service, because i was told that NOUN doesn't go for youth service (NYSC) please i want to know thank you.


  80. Louisa louis says:

    How much is NOUN’S tution fee for science course.

  81. lucas iyenoma says:

    when is 2014 admission form coming out,am going for psycology and much is their tuition fee?

  82. Noun is the first and best ODL university in west Africa

  83. Is registration still on.I want to register today

  84. i am a fresh student of noun. how can i get materials for my course?

  85. Aninye Awele Juliet says:

    please, i have been offered admission to study Pub Admin (Masters), i have done my clearance, but i was asked to submit my application form along with other document for records, i didnt print it out when i filled the form, please i need your assistance to enable me print out my application form so as to complete my registration. Tanx

    • NGScholars says:

      You should seek help directly from the school. If the portal has been closed, there is nothing anyone outside can do about it.

  86. Pleas have you start recieving new student, if no when?

  87. asobierem blessing chinasa says:

    i apply with national diploma lower credit direct entry but the admission was denied
    what do do.

  88. Please are u offering the course COMPUTER SCIENCE? WHAT ARE TOTAL AMOUNT FOR IT?

  89. The tuotion fees of noun on net total all together 22,500.but why are they collecting #58,000?

  90. Mrs Okure says:

    please, do fresh students need to write jamb?

  91. Please, I am interested in studying Environmental Engineering or Environmental Management Technology in the MSc category. Can I do this in Benin study centre? If no, which other study centre should I undergo the study?

  92. Emmanuella says:

    pls when is the payment of tution fee gonna end for dis year 1st semester

  93. what is the tuition fees for mass communication and English departments

  94. Please I’m applying for distance learning,and I want to apply for computer science.i want to know if I hav to come to the school centre to write or its still online.

    • Your question has been started on the forum. You can click here to check the responses –

  95. OMAGBOGU, DANIEL says:

    Please I want to know if NOUN offers Masters in LIbrary and Information Science for I am interested in the Program. Thanks.

  96. can someone go for postgraduate diploma before or without nysc?

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