Federal Polytechnic Nekede Post-UTME 2013 Result Is Out

The Post-UTME Result of Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri is out and has been released online on the Post-UTME result-checking portal of FedPoly Nekede. Candidates who sat for the 2013/2014 post-ume of Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri (NEKEDE) can now check the screening results on the internet.


How Much Is Federal Poly, Nekede Post-UTME Result-Checking Scratch Card?

To check Federal Poly, Nekede Post-UTME Result, you have to purchase a result checking card of N700 only. The Card is just N500 but there is also Bank commision of N200.

Where Can I buy Federal Polytechnic, Nekede Post-UTME Result?

Candidates who want to check their Post-UTME Result should go to any of the following banks:

– Fidelity Bank
– UBA Bank,
– Zenith Bank



We assume you have the Post-UTME Result-checking scratch card now.

1. Visit Federal Polytechnic, Nekede Post-UTME result checking-portal at http://portal.federalpolynekede.net/applications/OnlineApplicationForms/NameLoginPage.aspx.
2. Choose your option, i.e. post HND or ND.
3. Enter your name and click the Search button.
4. When you see your name, enter your PIN from the card and click “login”
5. Print out the result and you can make photocopies.

We shall keep you updated on Federal Poly Nekede departmental cut off marks for 2013/2014 session as soon as the institution releases them.

Check Federal Polytechnic Nekede Admission List – 2013/2014

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  2. I got 165 on my jamb nd 160 on my post ume,going for estate management.do I hv hope

  3. Chimaeze says:

    Y z it dat the banks r sailing it 1700, if somebody buy d form 4putme nd he wil stil buy d scratch card 2check his/her result, plz das too bad cant nekede see hw orda skuls z doin there own, d only needs ur jamb rag number 4ur putme check. Plz nekede find way 2amind thinx so it wil be easier 4students

  4. Udeme Abel says:

    I am in Port Harcourt, does it mean that I have to come down to Owerri before I can check my result? because base on your comment, it is only sold in Owerri bank branches.

  5. Please other schools check there post Utme result with your Jamb reg number and even text to your phone immediately you finish the exams,y is Nekede’s system different and difficult and please do Nekede post admission list online.

  6. what is federal polytechnic nekede 2013/2014 post utme cut off marks for the departments

    • NGScholars says:

      Let us wait for Federal Poytechnic Nekede to release the admission cut-off marks for 2013/2014 session. We shall update you on that.

  7. Hello NGScholars! am totally in need of 2013/2014 FEDPONEK post utme cut off marks for the departments

    • NGScholars says:

      Let us wait for Federal Poytechnic Nekede to release the admission cut-off marks for 2013/2014 session

  8. PLS why is feponek selling the post utme scratch card result checking 1,200 at fidelity, UBA whil they post 500 and 200 bank commission, is that not a criminal act?


  10. please what is the cut off mark for public administration?

  11. Hello dear NGScholars! I must comment on your good work, may good GOD reward you for your magnanimity over public notifications, thanks for your kindness.

  12. Hello! I still need to be updated on federal polytechnic nekede 2013/2014 post utme departments cut off marks, thanks

  13. I need the school registrar number

  14. I scored 195 in jamb and 160 in post ume. Am going for mass com any hope 4 me.

    • NGScholars says:

      We should wait for the institution to release the cut-off marks. We are not the one in charge of Federal Polytechnic Nekede admission. We just write for information purposes. We won’t give information to mislead people. Let us wait for Federal Polytechnic Nekede to release the departmental cut-off marks.

  15. How do i calculate the putme score to the departmental cutoff mark

  16. Emmanuel Skales says:

    Dat moni 2 much eh! Ordinary nekede o! Nawao!!!!

  17. Obidike Prudence says:

    I scored 167 in jamb nd i scored 220 4 science tech dn i gain any chances 4 addmission dz year.,

  18. is the 2013/2014 federal polytechnic cut off marks 4 departments not yet out?

  19. Ur post utme result is nt added to ur jamb. Wot eva u scored in the post utme is wot wil determine if you will be admitted or not

  20. pls I scored 189 in jamb and 220 in post ume am I good to be admitted into science technology?

  21. pls do I stand a chance with 189 in jamb and 220 in post ume for science technology.somebody should help pls

  22. Wait til d institution releases its cut off. Plz note dat Nekede does not add jamb wit post ume. Ur post ume determines ur admission

  23. why results are to be checking with scratch card, is not supposed 2 b like that. Look at fed poly unwana, they does do like that but we Nekede calld our selves as one of d 10 best poly, so y greed nd corroptn.

  24. my brother that is what we are facing nowadays in Nigeria high institutions bt one thing still baffles me inspite of all the money NEKEDE is making there is no conducive hall or class where students will stay and write exams. nawaoh!!!.And pls if anyone has an info about the school departmental cutoff should post it here.thanks @ ABILITY

    • Austine why are you saying what is not true? there are enough classes in federal poly nekede whr students write exams.

  25. Michelle Gift says:

    please what is the cut off mark for mass communication HND? i score 19

  26. Michelle Gift says:

    do i have hope on getting admitted in mass communication?

  27. eunice okoro says:

    pls wot is the cut off mark for business admin in HND, i score 16 any chance for admission for me.

  28. eunice okoro says:

    pls keep me posted

  29. There is bt not to compare wit other federal polytechnics @ 3stars

  30. simon kelechi thankgod says:

    how can i get the scratch card am in LAGOS now

  31. pls i wnt 2 knw how much they are selling d scratch card becos they are sayin is 700 y d bank is selling it 1500, hw cum?

    • NGScholars says:

      That’s the same complaint people have been making and Federal Polytechnic Nekede has been silent about this. I’m afraid you have to buy the scratch card at that price.

  32. Greed is wat governs most eastern higher inst. Dey see despirat students and dey try to milk dem dry. Worse is dat d gov. wouldnt do any tin about it, even u report. Dey just turn a blind eye. In abia state uni, u also buy cards to check if u got admission afta buyin to check post ume result.

  33. Pls wat is computer science dapartmental cutoff

  34. uche peter says:

    185 in ma jamb score nd 280 in ma post ume…..4 science lab tech…wat ar my chances?

  35. pls, what is the cut off mark for mass comminication

  36. pls, what is the cut off mark for mass comminication pls reply it to my maill faka4peace@yahoo.com thank u

  37. This is nt fair,since d scratch cards are sold for 700 y ar d banks selling it for 1700?nt even in all branches but d branches in owerri,ok nw dat am out of town so i will hv to come back to owerri in oda to purchase d card,y is it sold only in owerri?i wonder whr we r goin wit dis….,which way Nigerians?

  38. Saintchimex says:

    215 in jamb and 290 in post ume for civil eng. Wat is my stand

  39. I scored 210 in my pume masscom, waxup? wat are my chances?

    • NGScholars says:

      These things depends on the cut-off mark released by the school and the general performance of candidates. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  40. peace mass communication cut off mark is 190 for ND student, while HND is 21

  41. Austine federal poly nekede has more than enough classes for exams and lectures, enter school and see yourself.

  42. ND cut off marks 4 depts are: ACC-250, BF-250, BAM-250, P.S-160, OTM-110, MARKETING-120, MASS COMM-190 AE-140, ARCHI-160, ART/D-170, BT-120, CS-240 ETC

  43. Ndiana Patrick says:

    Please i need to know if you guys are gonna post your admission list online, it’s really necessary you guys do ‘cos i won’t be able to come all the way from uyo to owerri just to check the admission list. About the result checking card, you guys are sayings it’s #700 all together but banks are selling at 1,200 or 1,600. Well, i have nothing to say for now because that’s Nigeria for you.

  44. I scored 19 n hnd(pub admin)i wnt 2 kw d cutoff mark nd if my name is on d 1st list or 2nd or 3rd batch,nd wen wil 2nd batch 4 hnd b out.

  45. pls i want to knw d bank dat is selling scratch card for admission list

  46. pls which bank are they selling d scratch card for Nd and Hnd admission list

    • NGScholars says:

      The Banks were not stated in the press release. We advise you approach Banks where you got the Post-UTME Scratch Cards from.

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