JAMB Expo 2014 For UTME (PPT, DBT & CBT Candidates)

2014 JAMB UTME Expo for the PPT, DBT & CBT has been the subject of requests from some of our readers. Here you have a response to the requests today.

Some our readers have been asking if we could supply them with Expo for 2014 JAMB UTME, the answer is NO. There is no expo that is as sure as reading your books. Apart from the fact that you pass very well without taking the risks associated with expos, you have the knowledge and no one can take that away from you.

JAMB Expo 2014

To those who have been asking for the 2014 JAMB UTME Expo using the comments, please refrain from it. Some even go as far as dropping there phone numbers in the comment area, asking anyone that has JAMB Expo for 2014 UTME to contact them. This will only leave you vulnerable to scammers. STOP IT!

Another advice we have for you is to go through JAMB Past Questions and Answers, they repeat questions a lot. Get the list of recommended texts for 2014 JAMB UTME and read them.

Don’t look for JAMB Expo and say NO to examination malpractice. There is severe punishment for anyone caught cheating.

Read the following warning from JAMB to get a better idea:

No wonder JAMB warns sternly that “increasingly, candidates, examination officials and other persons are yielding to the temptation to cheat in examination. Cheating (aiding or abetting cheating) in examinations is a criminal act punishable in law. The Examination Malpractices Decree 1999 provides penalties for persons convicted of examination malpractice. Punishment provided included imprisonment for 3 – 5 years or a fine of N50,000 or more or both prison sentence and fine”.

The decree also regarded the followings as the criminal acts: Cheating, stealing of question papers, impersonation, collusion with others with intent to cheat or secure unfair advantage for self or for another, disturbance and examination misconduct in the course of an examination, failure to obey lawful orders of supervisors, invigilators or agents of the examination body, forgery of result slip, breach of duty, conspiracy, aiding and abetting etc.

There is no expo that is better and surer than reading your books. No JAMB Expo 2014. Beware!!! Click here for all other important JAMB UTME information that you need.
We wish you the best!!!

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